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July 16, 2018
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The need for tying a tie may surprise you, when you will not expected it. Your phone is always with you – therefore we recomended install this application and save for the future – you will see, I’m sure come in handy and will save you out of trouble !How to Tying a Tie, is an application that is useful for every guy. With clear instructions and application shown in the graphics, you smoothly and elegantly tie a tie. Tying a Tie will never be a problem anymore, and never will not surprise you.Well-tied tie is a symbol of elegant and handsome guy. Therefore, if you want to appeal to girls to impress women or be noticed in the company – be sure to elegantly tied tie!If at important meeting or event you want to look attractive and be really sexy, you absolutely need a well-tied tie :)There are many ways to tie a tie. Our app includes the most popular knots: the Half-Windsor, the Windsor, the Pratt knot and the Four-in-Hand knot. The clear visual instructions will guide you step by step in how to tie every kind of knot:The Windsor not is a British type of knot, used for special occasions. It’s name originated from Prince Windsor, who made is popular. The Half-Windsor knot is similar to the Windsor knot, but is lighter and easier to make. It’s an elegant knot with a triangular shape. The Pratt knot is also known as the Shelby knot, the Reversed Half-Windsor knot, the American knot, or the Classical American knot. This knot, popular in the United States, fits perfectly the American lifestyle, and is easier to tie than the Windsor knot. The Four-in-Hand known, also known as the Simple knot or the “number four knot”, is pretty easy to tie and matches almost any collar style. We encourage you to install this app. You never know when you might need to know how to tie a tie! ImportantBefore you add your comment/rate the app please read the advice below (click more and scroll down).New Futures We are planning to develop our application by increasing its functionality and adding new futures. If you have new ideas please send them to us via email app@examobile.com or write about it in the comments. We will develop the app accordingly so that it serves you well. Report a bugIn case the app doesn’t work correctly, before you give us low rating, please fill in a short survey at http://examobile.com/howtotieatie/ and report the bug.We would like to wish you a pleasant time using the app and also invite you to visit our website www.examobile.com and our Facebook Fun Page http://www.facebook.com/ExaMobile Attention! In order to make the app work even smoother we advise you to upgrade your Android operating system to the latest version available for your smartphone. This action in most of the cases solves all the problems/issues (this information comes from the app users).
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