Super Supermarket

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RACE through supermarkets! COLLECT as many groceries as you can! UPGRADE your cart and WIN a spot on the local or global shopping list!- Slide & jump through a new unique supermarket every time you play!- Upgradable and customisable shopping carts!- Compete with friends, your country or the world in the daily highscore shopping list!- A realistic shopping simulation (not really)
Northplay Presents the whackiest runner you’ve ever seen: In Super Supermarket you live out your dream of rushing through a store with your trusty shopping cart in a race against other customers and clumsy retail interior. Collect as many groceries, goodie bags, credit cards, coupons and scratchcards as you can in a fast-paced journey towards commercial nirvana and ultimate shopping domination.
Super Supermarket is now open for business! Have fun racing, and see you on the top list!

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