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September 16, 2016
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Recipes in a new form Cookentials: recipes for 1 picture is not just a matter of taste but a matter of good and easy cooking.With the rules in this application cooking it is simply easier! Do you like to cook? Cooking has never been so easy.Cooking has never been so fun.And so fast!With Cookentials applications quickly and easily prepare delicious food.The entire recipe is shown in picture 1.In the picture you are immediately ready shopping list!Inspiration for every day: recipes for every season.Recipes for every time of day and for every occasion. In the application Cookentials you find recipes: – Recipes for dinner- Recipes for cakes- Recipes for desserts- Recipes for salads- Recipes for dishes fitYou will also find:- High-quality photos of each recipe- Search regulations How to use the application: – Choose the rules of the rich list of proposals by sliding your finger across the screen- Click on the picture dishes to see a detailed recipe layout prepared in a single image- Click to see a list of ingredients and the recipe in an interesting form- Search laws with the handy search engine- Plan your menu – easily add an interesting recipe to your calendar- To your calendar add the nave dishes and full shopping list- Share your recipe with your friends or familyNow, download the app! Every day, always at hand culinary inspiration and recipes for successful dinners, pastries, salads and recipes fit. Reviews Cookentials “After testing several applications with the rules, even those signed with the names of well-known chefs recommend Cookentiles – easy, fast and fun.” Anna Plocek of”Frankly, that has very positively surprised me the simplicity of the program. I can not in good conscience recommend the application, especially those who love to cook, and do not have much time to do it. “- Maria Smejda of”Noteworthy interesting recipes and great graphics in the enclosed photographs.” Agata from”One click can plan on your calendar as we prepare for the day. The provision once a shopping list, which greatly facilitate our shopping.” Radek Piekarski of androidmagazine.plCook tasty, fast, seasonally and with the idea, thanks to the application of the provisions of the Cookentials.You will find a recipe for dinner, the recipe for breakfast, dinner and a recipe for a recipe for a dessert. You will find a recipe for meat, fish, salad, cake and cookies.Cookentials application is ideal for students, every mom and dad, when there is no time for meal planning and cooking. It is great for the fun of cooking with kids, which themselves can read various stages of cooking. This is an application for every lover of cooking.I created an application based the idea of ​​the culinary blog that I run for some time. Recipes for dinner as a single image, that something was missing. I wondered how you can show recipes so that they do not have to read a long ingredients list descriptions or performance of dishes. I wanted my cooking was fun and faster both in terms of planning meals, doing something such as a shopping list or, finally, the same food preparation. Yes stood idea of ​​the recipes shown in one photo, which immediately fetched the list of ingredients and cooking method. Thanks to my cooking has become easier, more enjoyable and faster.With this application, you will cook a delicious and fast for the whole family. In the application, you will find the provisions of Polish cuisine, Italian cuisine, Arabic cuisine, Spanish cuisine, American, Mexican.Visit the blog www.cookentiasl.comBe sure to watch the profile cookentials profile on FB: you want to share with me your comments or suggestions, write to cookentials [at ]
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