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March 10, 2019
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Looper Game is one of the newest and worth playing games with balls, orbit games ever. The game is developed by Najin, the young studio has a mission to bring the good emotion to the people.If you find games to play when bored for time killing, Looper actually is a time killer for you. You should experience this looper game, because of following outstanding features:So interesting simple gameplay:Gameplay couldn’t be more simple. The loopy balls in this looper game have different orbital and speed, game players called loopers pass levels by looping the looped orbits rolling balls. The loopers choosing the right timing to tap the ball and must be carefully because they easily collide each other.The most challenging game:Don’t underestimate the looper game just by a glance at a simple gameplay. You have to say “wow” when trying Looper because it is so challenging to make the looped.The different orbital and the speed of loopy balls cause many difficulties for Loopers. The more many rolling loopy balls appear in the game, the more challenges the Loopers meet. To overcome the game’s challenges, the Loopers have to well calculate to make the loopy balls not collide each other. Choosing the timing carefully to tap ball is key to win this game.Loopers aslo need more patience and a little bit luck to win one of the games with balls.Fun and Addictive Loopy Game:Although Looper is one of the puzzle timing games but it is not serious as you may think, it’s so funny otherwise. It is actually one of the games to play when bored for time killing.If you let the loopy balls collide, they are so funny, sure you will like it. When the orbit loop is looped, all the rolling balls lighting are so awesome.There are a vast number of exciting ball characters, pick up your favorite one and bring the game designers to their knees!So what are you waiting for? Let’s get your recreation to be worth. Let’s play “Looper! Looping Orbit Looped”


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