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November 16, 2018
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ATTENTION : THIS APP WILL NOT WORK ON SOMEDEVICE WITH HIGH API .. PLS SWITCH TO USE PRO VERSION💡 DSLR HD Camera helps you to capture and immortalize your moments with HD image capture.💡 DSLR HD Camera is an awesome Camera HD app to take Full HD photos and videos. it’s very fast and easy to use💡 You can easily shoot great photos with DSLR Camera HD, high definition with faster response time, photo editor💡 DSLR HD Camera suitable to be applied to the filter prism of art, and produce a work of art that is more beautiful.💎 The modern camera has evolved from a machine that took minutes to set up, to a pocketable device that’s ready to go in an instant. With the latest advancements in imaging and computational photography, DSLR HD Camera enables unprecedented control over how you capture your world.🏮 DSLR HD Camera is a rich and powerful camera app filled with features, modes, and options that may overwhelm at first, but are easy to master. This guide assumes no prior photography or video experience and can be read by users of all skill levels.️🍀 One of the cornerstones of traditional DSLR controls are the mode dials. They are reliable, easy to read, and easy to access. The app emulates this hardware feature through the use of virtual dials positioned at the corners of the screen. Tap them to open/close, or slide your finger for quick access.🌞 Features✦ Auto, Program, Manual, and two fully configurable Custom modes, just like a DSLR✦ Full manual control in all Drive modes (Photo, Light Painting, Time-lapse, Video)✦ RAW (.DNG) support✦ Portrait mode (iPhone only)✦ Auto MAX ISO, Auto MAX shutter (iPhone only)✦ Live Photo (iPhone only)✦ Video up to 4K 60 FPS✦ Real-time audio monitoring✦ Monochrome mode✦ Manual focus assist✦ Histogram✦ ±EV Bracketing✦ Timer✦ Front-facing camera support with full manual control✦ Customizable accent colour✦ Multiple grid overlay options, horizon level, focus confirmation, and more✦ Adjustable resolution and frame rate✦ Industry-standard options for 180-degree rule✦ Real-time audio levels meter✦ Zoom and change any camera parameter, even during video recording✦ Capture still frames during video recording🍉 DSLR HD Camera brings the familiar right to your pocket. With an array of modes and controls that are recognizable to the seasoned photographer, its design remains accessible to users of all skill levels.🍧 A fluid UI system makes switching between modes fast and easy, while an intelligent framework ensures the optimal mode is automatically set when the timing is critical.🍔 Camera settings are centralized around the most important button on a camera: the shutter button. From here you can easily modify aperture, white balance, ISO, shutter and focus, including quickly switching between DSLR HD Camera’s many different modes..🥗 Light painting is a mode at night to take long exposures of still or moving objects, and watch as the photo develops live before your eyes. Use of a manual focus (or point focus) and a tripod is highly recommended. Light Trails Mode – use this mode to quickly and easily capture light trails, without needing to know much about photography or messing with any advanced options. Light Add Mode – this mode acts much like your typical bulb mode found on most modern DSLRs.This mode to capture night landscapes and even the stars
⛳️DSLR Camera HD🍰Professional Camera💎Professional HD Camera🍅HD camera DSLR

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⛳️DSLR Camera HD🍰Professional Camera💎Professional HD Camera🍅HD camera DSLR


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