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October 28, 2018
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Domino Pyramid is the classic version of Pyramid Solitaire which is played with dominoes in stead of cards. Dominoes are cleared in pairs if its pip count matches the total of 12. Initially all dominoes from a double-six dominoes set are arranged in a pyramid shape. Dominoes in top and bottom rows are turned face-up and rest of the rows are face-down. Dominoes can be matched from both top and bottom rows. All face-down dominoes are turned face-up as soon as either top or bottom side of it is exposed with no domino is touching that side.Play game in two modes: Classic, RelaxedIn relaxed mode player gets two joker tiles which can be used with any other tile to match and remove. Joker tile can be played any time a game is blocked and no move is possible. Note that in order to remove all tiles from the board you shall only use one Joker tile and the other one should be used to remove other tile form the matching set otherwise all tiles can not be removed from the board and game can not be won. You can use other Joker to increase the score if there is no other option but to use the second Joker tile.Features:Beautiful and smooth animationUnlimited puzzlesSaving of game stateUnlimited undoGame statisticsIf you love Pyramid Card game, then you are going to love its dominoes cousin as well. Enjoy this game.
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