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December 20, 2018
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▶ Devil CrasherUse your wits to create a winning strategy in the battle to be the best Hunter!▶ Introduction■ Action Packed Battles! Strategic Turn Based RPG!Dynamic Hero Battle Formations, Unique Battle Strategy Based On the Chain Attack System!Explosive and Exciting Skills for a Variety of Heroes!Rise Victorious Against All Odds with Precise Attack Timing!■ A Witty Story and Fantasy Steam Punk Style Graphics!Amazing Colorful 3D Animated Graphics!A Fun Tale with Interesting Humor and Epic Heroes!Feel Immersed by the Natural Synergy of the Story and Battles!■ PVP Content with Users from Around the World!Search for Real-Time PVP Battles with Hunters Worldwide using the Radar.Chase after Others to Steal Resources or to Get Revenge!Test your Limits with Quick Decisions and Brilliant Strategy!■ Rich Content Adds Fun to the Gaming Experience![Scenario] Follow Characters through Various Chapters and See How the Story Unfolds![Khan] Determine who is the Best through Real-Time PVP with Users from Around the World![Shootouts] Enjoy the thrill of the hunt by hunting down others or getting revenge![Missions] Strengthen Your Team by Completing Various Request Missions.[Village] Recruit new heroes and join various events[Workshop] Upgrade Your Equipment by Creating/Disassembling/Combining Materials![Adventure Log] Provides Much to See from the Main Story to the Heroes Backgrounds. ▶ Permissions # In Android 6.0+ phones, access authorization is required while using the game.[Required Access] is necessary to run the game.[Optional Access] is not required, and even if you deny, you can play the game.# SD read / write (EXTERNAL_STORAGE)Device, photo, media, file access [Required Access]These permissions are required to install the game in the external memory.Allowing these permissions allow you to install games in external memory in the case of insufficient capacity.You do not have to worry about your photos and files.▶ Information# 4:33 Customer Support Center URL: How to find our Customer Center: [Main Screen] → [Settings] → [Customer Support] → [Customer Service]

Soft Launch 12.20.2018!Experience the Spectacular New Turn Based RPG!

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Soft Launch 12.20.2018!Experience the Spectacular New Turn Based RPG!


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