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November 19, 2018
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CrossCraze is a fun, modern twist on the classic word-building game, designed for players who prefer the challenge of an offline computer opponent. Featuring stunning HD graphics and unparalleled gameplay options, CrossCraze will take your word play to another level.Choose from two game modes: ‘Classic’, where new letters must link to existing words (e.g. change RABBLE to the verb SCRABBLE); and ‘Tile Stacking’, where new tiles can also be dropped over old ones (e.g. SCRABBLE becomes SCRAMBLE).Recently updated, the ‘FREE’ version now includes even more great features:★ 10 difficulty levels to challenge adults and children.★ 9 languages with over 4 million words.★ English and French dictionary definitions.★ Flexible vocabulary (add or disallow words).★ Instant spelling checks.★ Instant score preview.★ Timer mode.★ 3 hint modes.★ 3 tile allocation methods.★ Automatic rack sorting.★ Optional penalties for invalid words.★ Detailed game statistics.★ Portrait and landscape modes.★ Optimized for phones and tablets.★ No intrusive permissions.★ No expensive in-app purchases.The official ‘PRO’ version also features:★ Ad-free experience.★ ‘Tile Stacking’ mode.★ 12 original board styles.★ 28 board layouts, from 15×15 squares up to 21×21.★ Pass-and-play offline with a friend.★ Named players with on-going statistics.CLASSIC WORD-BUILDING GAMEPLAYAre you frustrated by the cheating found in online word games, with so many players using puzzle solvers and in-app purchases for an unfair advantage? Tired of hanging around for your friends to make their move? CrossCraze’s single player ‘solo’ mode lets you choose a computer opponent to match your own skill level. It never takes more than a moment to think, never abandons a game before the end, and never sends you inappropriate messages. How refreshing!THINK FASTWant more pressure? Set yourself a timer. Make your move before the clock counts down or face the penalty!PLAY IT YOUR WAYWant to play names, or other words that aren’t usually allowed? CrossCraze’s ‘Flexible’ vocabulary option lets you override the default word list.LOST FOR WORDS?Don’t scrabble in the dark. CrossCraze’s unique ‘hint’ system will find you the best word. Allow yourself as many or as few hints per game as you like. CrossCraze can spell out the full word, or just show you where to look.NO IMPOSSIBLE RACKSChoose from three tile allocation methods: ‘Random’ for pot luck; ‘Balanced’ for a more predictable draw; or ‘Helpful’ to maintain an even spread of letters across your rack.SORT OR SCRAMBLECrossCraze’s automatic rack sorting lets you order your letters alphabetically, or split them into vowels and consonants. Alternatively, scramble your rack with a simple double-tap.MASTER YOUR VOCABULARYSwipe your finger across any word on the board for its dictionary definition (internet required).9 LANGUAGESPlay in English (US or International), French (Français), German (Deutsch), Spanish (Español), Italian (Italiano), Dutch (Nederlands), Danish (Dansk), Norwegian (Norsk) or Swedish (Svenska – base words only or unrestricted).BECOME A WORD MASTERCrossCraze is a great educational tool for all ages. Boggle your brain, master your spelling, expand your vocabulary, or even practice a foreign language. Plus, it’s an excellent training academy for fans of anagrams, crossword puzzles and other classic word-building board games. Begin your trek from amateur champ to tournament word master today.
◆ Removed all in-game banner ads.◆ New scrolling menu system.◆ ‘Avoid rare words’ option (previously, only the top AI played rare words).◆ ‘Instant spelling check’ option (score bubble turns red for invalid words).◆ New Dutch vocabulary.◆ Now able to view word definitions at end of game.◆ Improved AI.◆ Bug fixes.

What's new

◆ Removed all in-game banner ads.◆ New scrolling menu system.◆ 'Avoid rare words' option (previously, only the top AI played rare words).◆ 'Instant spelling check' option (score bubble turns red for invalid words).◆ New Dutch vocabulary.◆ Now able to view word definitions at end of game.◆ Improved AI.◆ Bug fixes.


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