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March 1, 2019
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Look! It’s a chichen! Tap it. Again. Tap it again. Don’t stop tapping. Oh wait. They are sleepy now. You probably should have stopped tapping, but don’t worry, it will be okay.Oh look! It’s an egg. Let’s hatch it. I wonder what kind of chichen is inside. Could it be a pizza chichen?! Maybe a double-headed chichen??? OMG could it be the KleptoCat chichen?!?!? Fingers crossed!Chichens, from the creators of 2016’s best cat game, KleptoCats and the team that brought you 2017’s cutest claw machine game, Clawbert, and 2018 most heart-warming journey, Tsuki Adventure, is a game that is all about tapping, you guessed it, CHICHENS! Chichens are cute, silly little critters that go insane when you tap them and drop all sorts of fun things.Fill each world with chichens and unlock the next one. You never know what these silly chichens are going to do!
Chichens are super cute! Tap them. Hatch them. Watch them do silly things!

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Chichens are super cute! Tap them. Hatch them. Watch them do silly things!


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